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00 Series TPR Dual Wheel
  • 00 Series Thermoplastic Rubber Grey
  • 00 Series: C0020273ZN-TPR01(GG)
  • 00 Series: C0020741ZN-POS01(KK)-B

The Bassick 00 Series is the perfect solution for a low profile application that requires heavier load capacities. The 00 Series is available in a dual or single wheel configuration with a variety of wheel types and fastening options to choose from. The optional brake design also offers a large brake lever for easy activation when locking your unit into place. The low overall height and high load capacities make the 00 Series a popular caster selection for store fixtures, electronic equipment, and business machines.

  • Industry-leading selection and overall value
  • Fast deliveries for any order quantity
  • Sleek, low-profile design
  • Up to 300 pound capacity per caster
  • Dual ball bearing raceways for smooth and dependable swivel
  • Models with polyolefin log wheel as NSF-approved

00 Series Tread Table

Soft and Hard Rubber Wheels

00 Series Hard and Soft Rubber WheelsSoft rubber wheels combine a soft tread on a hard rubber core, offering quiet movement, a cushioned ride, and added floor protection. Hard rubber wheels provide higher load capacities and impact resistance. Both types are resistant to most chemical and oils, and have a temperature range of -40° to 160° F.

Thermoplastic Rubber

00 Series Thermoplastic Rubber WheelsThermoplastic Rubber (TPR) wheels are a better alternative to standard rubber wheels. Non-marking, and floor-protective, the tread is chemically bonded to the core, and is resistant to chemicals and oils, and ideal for wash-down applications. The temperature range is -40° to 180° F. TPR wheels can be manufactured in a variety of special colors; please consult the factory for minimums and details.

Polyolefin Wheels – Dual, Log

00 Series Polyolefin Wheels

The most economical hard tread wheel solution, Polyolefin wheels are non-marking and resistant to frequent wash-downs, oil, grease, cleaning solutions, and most chemicals. They have high-impact strength in a lightweight injection molded construction. These wheels have a temperature range of -20° to 180° F.


00 Series: C0020741ZN-POS01(KK)-BSide Lock Brake (pictured left) is available on any model. A Thumb Screw Brake (not pictured) is available by special order only; please consult factory for details.



Zinc plating is the standard finish; optional finishes, including Polished Nickel, Bright Chrome, Copper Oxide, and Black Oxide, are available. Consult factory for details.



The standard fastenings available for the 00 Series include:

  • Threaded Stems
  • Grip Ring Stems
  • Top Plates
  • Electronic Equipment
  • Business Machines
  • Store Fixtures
  • Laboratory Equipment
  • Vending Machines
  • Dolly Solutions
  • Refrigeration Units

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