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QuietKat wheels are very durable, roll easily, and are well suited to a variety of applications. These lightweight wheels cushion your ride over rough surfaces, providing excellent shock absorption. The softer 88A Durometer TPR tread design will not mark your floors. Our wheels are resistant to chemicals, water, and steam; they are also designed to reduce accumulation of debris, and can handle a variety of weather conditions. Thread guards are designed as a grease seal and are date stamped to assist you in evaluating wheel life.

QuietKat wheels can be molded with conductive tread to eliminate static build-up and discharge. Pemco’s patented Tensioner can also be added to slow down acceleration of, and reduce damage caused by, unattended shopping carts.

QuietKat TreadThermal Plastic Rubber Tread

QuietKat wheels are made with a Thermal Plastic Rubber tread, which helps to cushion your ride over rough surfaces. The softer 88A Durometer tread design will not mark your floors. Lightweight and resistant to chemicals, water and steam, these wheels are designed to prevent the pick-up of debris and can handle a variety of weather conditions.

Pemco Dual Precision BearingDUAL PRECISION BEARING

QuietKat wheels feature Pemco’s dual precision bearing. The Dual Precision Bearing allows for smooth, quiet rolling. This bearing is pressed into the hub for greatly durability and longer service life.

PemCoat Fork FinishPemCoat™

Optional PemCoat™ finish prolongs caster fork life in the worst conditions. Available by special order only – please consult factory.

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  • Child Carts
  • Deli and Bakery Racks
  • U-Boat Carts
  • Utility Carts
  • Stocking Trucks
  • Dollies

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