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  • Attractive and economical 1” wide total lock brake series with matching swivel
  • Polished chrome finish
  • Double ball bearing swivel raceways for smooth mobility and strength
  • Full metal thread guards standard (except 2” diameter models) for protection against entangling debris
  • Nut and bolt axle


Grey TRP Wheels

  • Tread: Grey Thermoplastic Rubber
  • Side: Metal Thread Guard
  • Hardness: 85 (±5) Shore A
  • Capacities: 110 – 165 lbs
  • Temperature Range: -30ºF to +180ºF
  • Bearing: Plain and Ball


Standard available fastenings include Top Plate, Hollow Kingpin, Grip Ring, and Threaded Stem options.


Total Lock Brake (pictured left) locks both swivel and wheel rotation.

  • Laundry Hampers
  • Mobile Hospital Furniture
  • Bassinets
  • Hospital
  • Chairs/Recliners
  • Home Healthcare Beds

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