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Manufactured in the USA, this very popular light duty wheel caster series is sure to surpass your mobility expectations. With a variety of fastening, size, and wheel options available- you will be sure to find the perfect caster to meet your light duty mobility needs. The Regent Series is also fully heat treated, which provides the extended mobility life you demand for your product. Ensure that you receive the best quality, delivery, and value for your mobility needs with the Shepherd Regent Series.

  • Industry leading selection and overall value
  • Fast deliveries for any order quantity
  • High-strength and heat-treated steel for increased durability and caster life
  • Dual ball raceways
  • RoHS-compliant zinc plating for corrosion resistance
  • Octagon washer on stem models for easy installation
  • NSF-approved (less thread guards or models with 113 top plate)

Regent Tread Table

Polyolefin Wheels

Polyolefin WheelThe most economical hard tread wheel solution, Polyolefin wheels are non-marking and resistant to frequent wash-downs, oil, grease, cleaning solutions, and most chemicals. They have high-impact strength in a lightweight injection molded construction. These wheels have a temperature range of -20° to 180° F.

Soft and Hard Rubber Wheels

Soft and Hard Rubber WheelsSoft rubber wheels combine a soft tread on a hard rubber core, offering quiet movement, a cushioned ride, and added floor protection. Hard rubber wheels provide higher load capacities and impact resistance. Both types are resistant to most chemical and oils, and have a temperature range of -40° to 160° F.

Thermoplastic Rubber

Thermoplastic RubberThermoplastic Rubber (TPR) wheels are a better alternative to standard rubber wheels. Non-marking, and floor-protective, the tread is chemically bonded to the core, and is resistant to chemicals and oils, and ideal for wash-down applications. The temperature range is -40° to 180° F. TPR wheels can be manufactured in a variety of special colors; please consult the factory for minimums and details.


Polyurethane (TPU)Our Themroplastic Urethane (TPU) wheels consist of a high-grade urethane tread mechanically interlocked to a polyolefin core. The Urethane offers extended wear and excellent floor protection. Highly resistant to chemical and oils, the TPU wheels handle higher load ratings and provide excellent durability. Their temperature range is -40° to 180° F.


No-Matic WheelNo-Matic wheels have a pneumatic look and feel, without the maintenance and risk of flat tires. Capable of absorbing shock, these will roll over obstacles, thresholds, and uneven surfaces with ease. They are available in a non-marking grey tire.


Vipor WheelVipor Wheels are made from a specialized material which provides excellent abrasion resistance with a very high-tech look. They are resistant to chemicals and oils.


Monarch WheelsMonoTech wheels provide ultimate floor protection, and a quiet, cushioned ride. They roll over obstacles with ease and will not flat spot. Excellent on any floor type, MonoTech wheels reject floor debris, including metal shavings and glass. Donut tread wheels provide easier rollability and maneuverability. Their temperature range is -45° to 180° F.

The MonoTech wheel is also available in a Precision Bearing model (right wheel).



Regent FinishesFinishes are pictured to the left. They are (from left to right): Polished Nickel, Bright Chrome, Copper Oxide, Zinc (Regent Standard), and Black Oxide.



  • Threaded Stem
  • Grip Neck
  • Grip Ring Stem
  • Expanding Adapter Stem (for Round or Square tubes)
  • Top Plates (Swivel or Rigid)


  • Store fixtures
  • Carts
  • Institutional Equipment
  • Food Service Equipment
  • Furniture
  • Janitorial Equipment
  • Office Equipment
  • Racks and Storage Equipment
  • Medical Equipment

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