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Cart Pushing Machines can decrease the time it takes employees to retrieve large quantity of shopping carts. These machines can also take a toll on standard wheels. Our SuperKat wheels are crafted with a soft, natural rubber tread with a more rounded shape. This design allows the wheel to rotate even while being pulled sideways. Able to spin, this wheel reduces the sideways dragging that causes flat spotting.

Super Rubber TreadNatural Rubber Tread

SuperKat wheels are made with a soft, natural rubber tread material and have a more rounded tread shape. Specifically designed to continue spinning while being pulled sideways by cart pushing machines, these wheels are more resistant to flat-spotting compared to conventional wheels.

Pemco Dual Precision BearingDual Precision Bearing

SuperKat wheels feature Pemco’s dual precision bearing. The Dual Precision Bearing allows for smooth, quiet rolling. This bearing is pressed into the hub for greatly durability and longer service life.

SuperKat wheels are currently available without additional options.

  • Shopping Carts
  • Retail Carts
  • Child Carts
  • Deli and Bakery Racks
  • U-Boat Carts
  • Utility Carts
  • Stocking Trucks
  • Dollies

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