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GRX High Performance
  • GRX: RXS125211GR-U
  • GRX: RXS125741AL-U
  • GRX: RXT125211WH-U
  • High-performance in a sleek, styling design
  • Patented dust/grease shield
  • Strong polyamide body and brake lever
  • 100mm & 125mm models feature precision bearing swivels and wheels for ultimate maneuverability and rollability
  • Polyurethane wheels provide excellent floor protection
  • Solid riveted axles for added durability


  • Total Lock Brake: Locks both swivel rotation and wheel rotation. Available on 75mm, 100mm, and 125mm models. The brake lever is integrated into body design for clean lines.
  • Tread Lock Brake: Locks wheel rotation only. Available on 65mm models.


  • Threaded Stem
  • Grip Ring


  • Office Furniture
  • Industrial Seating
  • Audio/Visual Carts
  • Store Fixture
  • Utility Carts
  • Medical Equipment

GRX Catalog Pages

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