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Single Wheel

Single Wheel Composite

  • Avant

    Avant is a new, maintenance-free Nylon caster, ideal when quiet performance is needed. Designed with global standards in mind, great for medical environments and electronics usage.

  • Genesis

    The strong, protective body of the Genesis caster completely conceals interior components and allows for easy cleaning.

  • Optimus

    The Optimus features the resilient Performa wheel and has integrated thread guards on both body and wheel.

  • Eclipse

    Eclipse casters have a body made of strong glass-filled nylon, and feature multiply polyurethane wheel options.

  • Next Generation
    Next Generation

    The Next Generation is a maintenance-free and highly-customizable caster, ideal for any medical environment.

  • PDT

    PDT Casters feature an integrated Total Lock Lever, which locks both swivel and wheel rotation.

Dual Wheel & Low Profile

Twin Wheels

Ball and Spherical

Shopping Cart Solutions

  • KasterKat

    Our signature red ring mechanically and chemically bonds tread and core, resulting in a trusted shopping cart solution.

  • PolyKat

    An industry favorite, PolyKat wheels are designed to withstand usage in a variety of shopping cart environments.

  • QuietKat

    These durable rubber wheels provide shopping carts a quiet, well-cushioned ride in a variety of environments.

  • SuperKat

    Our SuperKat wheels will rotate when pulled sideways by cart pushing machines, reducing flat-spotting caused by dragging.