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The Omega Series combines maximum performance and design all in to one caster series, equipping your office chair or medical stand with the ultimate mobility product. Highly polished chrome details the smooth stylish design of the Omega, and with choice of soft neoprene or Vipor wheels, a variety of fastenings, and an optional tread brake- you will be sure to find the perfect Omega match for your product. The Omega Series delivers all of the quality, style, and performance that only Shepherd can bring to you.

  • Precision ball bearing wheels for smooth, quiet, and easy rollability
  • Fully heat-treated
  • Dual ball bearing raceways
  • High luster chrome or black finish
  • Matching thread guards

Omega Tread Table


Omega Vipor WheelVipor Wheels are made from a specialized material which provides excellent abrasion resistance with a very high-tech look. They are resistant to chemicals and oils.


Omega Monotech WheelMonoTech wheels provide ultimate floor protection, and a quiet, cushioned ride. They roll over obstacles with ease and will not flat spot. Excellent on any floor type, MonoTech wheels reject floor debris, including metal shavings and glass. Donut tread wheels provide easier rollability and maneuverability. Their temperature range is -45° to 180° F.

NPR (Neoprene Rubber)

Omega Neoprene Wheel


Omega: POM30302BC-NPR-BThe optional Tread Brake is uniformly integrated into the body design for a smooth look and easy activation.


The standard fastenings available for Omega include:

  • Threaded Stems
  • Grip Neck Stems
  • Round Stems
  • Grip Rings
  • Top Plates
  • Hollow Kingpin (Bolt-In Stems are available to work with the Hollow Kingpin)


Omega: POM30302BC-NPR-B Omega: POM30403BZ-NPRThe Bright Chrome finish (far left) is standard. The Black finish (left) is available on 3″ MonoTech models only.

  • Furniture
  • IV Poles
  • Seating
  • Medical Equipment
  • Electronic Equipment

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