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The Softech MRI Series offers you the same great features you can find in our very popular Softech Series, with the additional feature of an all non-magnetic stainless steel component design. The extremely controlled manufacturing process and specified materials allow the MRI Series to be completely non-magnetic, making it an ideal mobility solution for medical equipment that is operated near MRI machines. The universal logos displayed on the wheels clearly show the medical facility that these items are approved for usage around MRI machines. The MRI Series is also great for non-corrosive applications where water and moisture can present potential issues.

  • Soft 70-75/A durometer tread constructed of high-tech thermoplastic elastomer
  • High load ratings
  • Quiet mobility
  • Riveted axle for positive wheel retention
  • Floor protective and non-marking
  • Rated MRI Conditional for use in MRI examination rooms; available in 50mm, 60mm, and 70mm models.


Softech MRIBrakes are available for all Softech MRI models.


Softech Casters are available in two finishes: Black or Grey.


Fastenings available for the Softech MRI models include: Grip Ring Stems and Threaded Stems.

  • Medical Equipment
  • Furniture
  • Electronic Equipment

Softech Catalog Pages

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